Pool & Wellness

Offering a revitalizing and therapeutic amenity for our guests, the “heart” of our property, the Wellness Area, is truly a wonderful experience. Featuring unique traditions found in the Alps and dating back hundreds of years, water, heat, and ice are used in harmony to achieve numerous relaxation and health benefits.

Soothing saltwater hydrotherapy pools, an array of steam baths and saunas with varying temperatures, cool plunge pools and Kneipp Stepping Pools all serve distinct purposes in healing, restoring, and relaxing the body. The swim-out saltwater pool features massage nooks and bubble lounges for the ultimate soak year-round. Inviting lounge beds and nap areas scattered throughout entice you to catch your breath and escape while taking in the tranquil beauty of the river and surrounding mountains.

“If water is an excellent agent for the healthy person to maintain his health and strength, it is also the most natural and simplest remedy.” – S. Kneipp

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